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love is blind and lovers cannot see

can I lay in your bed all day?

she is dancing with the stars
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Hello and welcome!
As you already found your way here you can check up my interests and befriend me. I most likely add new people and I am a very nice person (;

Sheis an 20 year old German girl studying language&communication + literature, culture & media in Siegen.She enjoys chatting, meeting friends, listening to music, dancing, reading, organizing, collecting snowglobes, making party and lamenting over guys. Besides that she is completely normal. Well, let's say most of the time =D

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Fandoms:Lee Pace, Brendon Urie, Rupert Grint, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Fernando Torres, Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship, Panic!at the disco, Fall Out Boy, , OneRepublic, 3oh!3, Sunrise Avenue, Misfits, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, Moonlight, Wonderfalls, The Fall, 10 things I hate about you, The Dark Knight, Casanova, Pixar films, Harry Potter etc.